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Talks, demonstrations and shopping nights

Inform and Inspire,

If you are looking for something a bit different that will capture imagination, hold an audience with interest and provoke questioning, my inspirational talks do just that.  I bring with me a full display of my products and talk about how my business has developed , how I have done it, and what are my next steps. 

My talks are tailored to suit your audience, you may require a business start up inspiration talk, or more of a nitty gritty bones of business talk, or you may want a demonstration and more of a light talk about the products. Its not stiff and starchy, everything appeals to human nature, every one is individual and manages their own expectations in a different way.  Please call me and we will discuss your requirements in full to ensure your group gets the very best from my visit.

Please read a small resume below.

After a 30 year career in Media, I found my self myself redundant,  wondering what on earth I should do now at the age of 50 with no financial backing, I turned to my life long love of Art.  With a background in training ,sales and management  I was perfectly placed to merge this with my artistic talents, after  finding a gap in the market place I used all of my available recourse and every tool in my arsenal , drawing upon skills I didn’t even know I had!, I launched my business ,not so glamorously, on a 6ft table in Tynemouth market, with 30 pieces of hand painted glass, in the middle of January in the middle of a recession. This was never going to be a hobby, it had to work as a commercial venture.

Four years on and I  opened a gallery hosting my glassware and work from 10 other artists from across the region.  I sell my glassware internationally and also have my own glass painting studio where I hold classes.

This journey has been and continues to be an emotional rollercoaster  and a huge learning curve, coming up against everything that would finish a business start up, taking knocks and rejection and hardening your self to keep going in your own self  belief  and total confidence your product.  From learning how to put together my own website, managing the marketing, and learning as I go with social media, which has played a huge part in the growth and development of the business. My journey continues. 

Please read the following testimonial , I feel this is an accolade for me and my business to have someone of high standing able to speak me as an individual, an artist and a true champion for small businesses.


To whom it may concern.


I saw a presentation by Carol Nicholson at Birtley Rotary Club quite recently.  To say I was impressed does it no justice at all.  I was a Principal Lecturer at New College Durham (for 24 years) and also Chairman of Durham Small Business Club for 20 years and have seen countless presentations of all kinds. I have to tell you that this was one of the best I have ever seen.

Because of the great interest I had in small businesses for over 20 years I passionately believe that someone like Carol needs all the support she can get to make a success of the very great talent she has as a glass painter and Atist.

I actually suggested that she try some of the big stores for the "bespoke" nature of her output is almost unique in my experience.  My wife and I actually bought a wonderful glass vase for our youngest daughter in Nottingham, who has a really big house filled with some very lovely high quality objects and she was thrilled to bits with it

I do hope that anyone reading this testimonial, and in my profession I have written many, will support Carole for if anyone deserves success it is this very, very talented lady.

Yours sincerely

Tom Moffat, MBE,  M.Ed,  C.Eng, Hon.F.IMMM, M.IET.


Prices as follows

Minimum charge £55.00 up to 1 and a 1/2 hour, plus expenses

Includes a talk about how the business came about, how we got to where we are and what we are doing now.

Materials used for glass painting, short demonstration of glass painting.

Demonstration only

Talk about the types of paint and materials, where to get your materials.  How to paint on glass, finish and treat.  Audience participation. Charge as above

Workshop plus talk

Talk as above, plus a piece of glass per individual to paint, full tuition and materials provided. £55.00 plus expenses plus £8.00 per person.

Each talk and demonstration is specifically tailored to your audience; I am flexible and listen carefully to your requirements to ensure that each individual gets the very best out of my visit.  We also bring a full bank of beautiful finished glassware for example purpose which looks stunning when it is set up, these pieces are also for sale, we also bring materials to purchase.  The whole emphasis is on a great visit, relaxing, informative and great fun.   A hand painted glassware donation s also given for communities and charities for raffle at a later date.

Corporate Shopping Nights

I bring all of the glassware as a display for sale on the evening of any talk or demonstration, however, Art Studio of Glass is available for corporate shopping nights or days, as well as being affordable, we provide a unique take on giftware that is remarkably different from anything else this offers your group something refreshingly different as well as providing a stunning display of glassware lit with candles and lights